Terms and Conditions for TvWallMounting.com

  1. Our base price includes one technician hanging a TV up to 55" / 30lbs. The customer will help with lifting / moving TV's larger than 55 inches / 30lbs. If an additional installer is required there will be a charge of $40 for the first TV (over size) and $20 for each additional TV (over size).[We must be notified by 10am the day before the appointment that an additional installer is required to avoid a reschedule or cancellation fee.]
  2. Our base price includes travel up to 35 miles one-way from Montevallo, Alabama 35115. Any additional mileage is charged $1 per mile, calculated both ways from 35115 using Google Maps first picked route.
  3. If you have an existing TV mounted on the wall and it must be removed to hang your new TV there will be a charge of $10.
  4. If you bought your own mount and we need to assemble it because it comes in more than 2 pieces there is a $5 assembly charge. (rare - usually cheetah and amazon.com items)
  5. Specialty Mounts such as the MantleMount / Pull Down Fireplace Mounts cost extra to install due to the time/labor involved. Typically $99.
  6. Customer delays longer than 10 minutes may be billed at $45/hr.
  7. Only the work on your signed estimate will be completed, all verbal agreements must be in writing.
  8. Extension cords and power cords can NOT be ran inside of walls. This is a NEC CODE VIOLATION and may void your Insurance. There must be an electrical outlet behind the TV or the cords must be ran in a cable cover. Any TVs we service must be up to code or brought up to code. (Yes, we can fix it.)
  9. Our General Hourly Labor Rate is $85.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

  1. Reschedules / Cancellations made before 10:00am the day before your appointment - FREE
  2. Reschedules / Cancellations made after 10:00am the day before your appointment - $35
  3. Reschedules / Cancellations made the day of your appointment - $50
  4. Reschedules / Cancellations within 1 hour of your appointment window start time- $65 + (line #6 if applicable, depending on current location of installer)
  5. Reschedules / Cancellations once the installer is on-site - $85 + line #6
  6. Any additional mileage is charged $1 per mile, calculated both ways from 35115 using Google Maps first picked route.
  7. If you live more than 15 miles from us we will call you before your appointment to confirm someone will be home, if we cannot reach you after several attempts, your appointment will be placed on hold and will need to be rescheduled. This is a chargeable reschedule with a fee of $65.
  8. If upon arrival the customer is not on-site, the installer will wait up to 10 minutes at no charge. Upon request we will wait up to an additional 50 minutes at $45/hr.
  9. $25 on time guarantee. if the installer arrives 31 + minutes after the end of the arrival time window you will receive a $25 discount from your current order.
  10. Any estimate given to you over the phone or via email is based on the information you have provided. If you provided invalid or incorrect information then the estimate may be void. When the technician arrives he will verify the estimate with you and you will be asked to sign the estimate before work begins. All receipts of payment are sent via email.
  11. If for some reason we are unable to honor our original valid estimate price after arriving at your home or business and increase the price and you decide not to go through with the order then you will NOT be charged a cancellation fee.
  12. If we have to reschedule your installation you will recieve a discount equal to the fee you would of been charged if it had been you that rescheduled. To be fair :)
  • Since we offer a service that cannot be returned there is a no refunds, but if your not happy let us know before we leave and we will make it right.
  • By placing a card or bank account on file to book your appointment you are authorizing TvWallMounting.com to charge this card if your account has any outstanding balance.
  • Invoices are to be paid immediately upon completion of services. Unpaid invoices have a $10 per day or 2% per day late fee, whichever is greater.
  • Your on file payment method will automaticaly be charged at 11:59pm the day all services are completed if your invoice is not paid in full. If this payment bounces there is a $35 NSF fee and late fees until the invoice is paid in full. We will retry payment every three days until paid in full.
  • All payments via Debit/Credit cards must be swiped and signed by the cardholder and there is a 3% processing fee.
  • Unpaid invoices later than 14 days will be sent to collections and a $100 fee will be added. You agree to pay all legal fees, filing fees, attorneys fee and any other collection cost associated with collecting the amount you owe.
  • By booking an appointment you agree to all of our terms and conditions / policies and are at least 19 years old.
Current TOS - Valid 03/28/2017 - Current

Changed late fee from 5% to 2%.